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Google updates Pixel 4 with “eyes open” fix for face unlock

Google has one Updating for the Pixel 4 which today requires users to have their eyes open when using face unlock to open the phone.

The update introduces a “eyes must be open” feature, which is enabled by default. It offers an extra security measure, but you have the option to disable it in the Pixel 4’s unlock settings.

The lack of an open eye detection feature was one of the biggest criticisms of the Pixel 4 at launch, the feature should ensure that your phone is not unlocked by people trying to open it while you sleep. Google announced last October that it would roll out a feature to check if your eyes are open “ in the coming months. ”

Apple has a similar feature that requires open eyes in Face ID since it was introduced as part of the iPhone X in 2017. It requires the device owner to have their eyes open and to look directly at their iPhone or iPad to to open.

In addition to introducing this important feature, this month’s Pixel 4 update also fixes issues with dropped Bluetooth audio input during a call and fixes keyboard opening delay for some apps.