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Google Stadia will receive the Hitman reboot series, Sekiro and 2K games later this year

Google Stadia will add more than a dozen new games to its cloud service in the coming months, in addition to five exclusive details detailed this morning as part of the Stadia Connect announcement.

Among the new additions are IO Interactive’s Hitman reboot series – including both the first game, the sequel and the planned one Hitman 3 in 2021 – and FromSoftware’s excellent samurai action game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The Hitman reboot series will be available from September 1 Sekiro will come later this fall.

Stadia also adds a handful of other prominent 2K sports games. The following PGA Tour 2K21 is coming to Stadia after release on August 21, while WWE 2K Battlegrounds comes September 18 and NBA 2K21 will be released later this fall.

A few of the other additions are ‘First on Stadia’ releases, which means Google has guaranteed limited exclusivity. Those include the Bad Dream Games puzzle game Clap with one hand, which comes to Stadia early today, and Konami’s later this fall Super Bomberman R Online, in which a 64-player Battle Royale mode can be played Stadia’s Crowd Play feature that allows streamers to directly invite viewers to active game lobbies.

There are some cross-platform games that will get Stadia releases at launch: Talos principle developer Croteam revives his Serious Sam series with a fourth part coming to Stadia and PC next month, and Square Enix and People Can Fly’s Outriders comes to Stadia when it comes out for some time during the holiday season.

Finally, Google announces that three existing games are coming to Stadia. Behavior Interactive’s online survival horror game Death by daylight, which will get unique cloud features such as Crowd Play and Crowd Choice (to vote for in-game factors such as which side a streamer is playing on) will launch on Stadia in September. And the cross-platform hits of Nikita Kolesnikov Hello neighbour and the prequel Hello neighbor: Hide & Seek will be available as part of the Stadia Pro subscription service, with the first game arriving in September and the other one sometime later this year.