<pre><pre>Google solves the problem with the Android Q-beta boot loop and resumes updates

Google has re-released fourth beta of Android Q & # 39; s after resolving an issue that caused some Pixel devices to "boot loop", meaning they were stuck in a constant reset state. The problem arose after a number of Pixel users tried to install the Over-The-Air beta. Writing on Twitter, Google said that all devices enrolled in beta will now receive the new Beta 4 update and that it has updated the downloadable images for developers.

The incident is a good reminder to never install beta software on hardware you trust as your primary device, no matter how tempting the shiny new features are. That said, Google's Android updates are usually fairly reliable. With Android Nougat, the company introduced a new "A / B (seamless) system updates"Method for returning a device to a previous version in the event of problems with an update – it is unclear why the fallback did not incur the problem on this occasion.

Android Q Beta 4 is a fairly minor update in the big picture of things. In addition to adjusting the new theme for dark mode and solving various bugs, the update included a new menu item for settings that refers to native face recognition coming to Android.