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Google robot defeats “Chat GBT” .. full texts in an instant!


In the midst of very fierce competition with the new artificial intelligence application, “Chat GBT”, which has become the owner of the world and the concern of people, Google has started the public release of its “cool” chatbot.

In a statement in which the company explained what was going on on Tuesday, the search giant stated that this new step came in an effort to attract subscribers and obtain feedback on the program with which Microsoft-supported “GBT Chat” competed in the world of artificial intelligence.

“Bard” .. complete texts in a moment

She explained that users in the United States and Britain will initially be able to join the waiting list to access Bard, a program that was previously available to an approved group of testers.

Google also described the new program as an experience that allows collaboration with generative artificial intelligence, a technology that relies on past data to create content rather than simply recognizing and identifying it.

In an indication of the intensification of competition in this rapidly evolving world, Google and Microsoft last week released a series of artificial intelligence tools, including draft writing technology and its integration into word processors and other collaborative software, in addition to those related to marketing for website developers to build their applications based on artificial intelligence.

When asked if only competition was the reason behind Google’s introduction of the “cool” robot, Jack Krawzyk, the company’s chief product manager, said the giant is focused on users.

He also added that both internal and external testers turned to Bard to “increase their productivity and speed up their ideas.”

In a demonstration to Reuters, the man showed how Bard creates entire texts in an instant, unlike ChatGPT, which writes answers word for word.

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It is noteworthy that Google’s move came after the release of Chat GBT, an automated chat program developed by Microsoft-backed startup Open AI, last year sparked a rapid race in the technology sector to make artificial intelligence available to more users.

Google (Reuters)

While “Cool” also includes a feature that displays 3 different versions or “drafts” of any answer, and it has a “Search in Google” button, if the user wishes to obtain results from the Internet for any question he wants to know his answer.

Unlike ChatGPT, Google said on its website, Bard is not adept at generating computer code.

It added that it had limited the new bot’s memory for previous conversations, and that it currently does not use the chatbot for advertising, which is the heart of its business model.

However, accuracy remains a concern, with a notice released during the demo warning that “Bard won’t always get it right”.

As for last month, a promotional video showed the program answering a question incorrectly, which caused Alphabet, the owner of Google, to lose $ 100 billion from its market value.

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