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Google Removes a Large Number of Mining Application from Play Store

Mining applications soared massively in terms of popularity and user base. Android mining is getting famous day by day as it is more accessible and easy to use than a dedicated mining rig. You can visit the official site of Bitcoin Aussie Systems to get a detailed analysis of Bitcoin trading. Undeniably, the android mining rewards are not as handsome as a dedicated mining rig.

 But in a dedicated mining rig, you have to pay a lot of expenses to maintain the efficiency of these machines. For example, the electricity bill in some countries of these mining machines is nearly 10% of what people earn from cryptocurrency mining every month. 

Undeniably android mining applications have helped to start their mining venture which was highly desperate to dive into this industry. Still, scammers have lured many emerging miners with fake cryptocurrency mining applications. Recently Play store detected a massive number of mining applications on the play store and removed them from this platform. 

The majority of the mining applications google banned from the play store were incurring a paid subscription. In short, these mining applications scammed a lot of money from innocent miners by making them subscribe to their premium plan. Here is everything about google banning cryptocurrency mining applications from the play store.    

Key Takeaways

Google has banned a magnificent number of mining applications from the play store. A total of eight mining applications were unlisted from the play store by Google, and people who have installed these mining applications should delete them immediately as per google. 

The majority of the mining applications unlisted by google were incurring a paid subscription. 

Besides a paid subscription, these applications had other paid services to scam innocent mobile miners. 

Google Banned Eight Mining Applications from the Play Store

Play store refers to the application market in android devices. With the help of this platform, you can download every application you want to install on your android device. However, the play store is only available on android devices and not on iOS devices or any other smartphone. 

This application market has listed many mining applications, and recently Google announced a ban on eight mining applications. Besides just unlisted these mining applications from the play store, Google has asked users to uninstall these applications. The name of the majority of these mining applications had bitcoin as their prefix. 

Two mining applications that google banned were even named bitcoin, and one of the mining applications was named a bitcoin miner. These mining applications trapped innocent miners by luring them with granted profits. The majority of the mining applications banned by google acted as a cloud cryptocurrency mining service. Cloud mining is a part of cryptocurrency miner where a miner can start mining with rented mining machines like ASICs, and cloud mining is now possible with an android device.    

The authorities of google play store depicted that these mining applications did not incur a mining behavior at all. In short, according to google, these were just a few fake mining applications that helped scammers to scam innocent mobile mires. The developer of this application just created a fake mining UI rendering a fake live hash dashboard. The Hash dashboard in mining applications or software depicts the amount of hash rate a mining pool or a cloud mining service provider holds. 

Mining Applications Google Banned

List of the cryptocurrency mining applications banned by google incurs Bit funds, bitcoin miner cloud mining, bitcoin pool, and crypto holic. Google also banned daily bitcoin, bitcoin 2021, mine bit, and Ethereum. Out of the above-listed mining applications, crypt holic and bitcoin were based on the paid application concept of the above-listed mining applications. In short, to install these applications on your android devices, you would have to pay money. 

To install a crypto holic, a miner would have to pay $12, whereas to install a daily reward bitcoin, you would have to pay $6. So rather than just luring people to install these paid mining applications by paying considerable money, the cryptocurrency mining application correspondingly made people buy their premium paid services. A blog post has reported a massive number of cryptocurrency mining applications that are fraudulent and are still present on the play store. These mining applications were there selling users’ data to third parties. 

The above-listed portions which applications google banned from the play that offered fake mining services.

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