<pre><pre>Google redesigns the News tab with more emphasis on headlines and publisher name

Google updates the News tab of the desktop search function, with a new design that sacrifices information density for clarity.


The new design that the company has announced in a chatter, brings the appearance of the News tab closer to that of the devotee Google News Place. News stories are now displayed in a map layout rather than in a list, making the headlines and publisher names more prominent. It also appears that the company groups the stories more clearly, so if you are looking for a broad topic (such as "MLB"), it is easier to distinguish different types of coverage.

The change itself is relatively small, but it is part of a greater effort by Google to improve its news products. The way the tech giant deals with news sometimes seems like a kind of afterthought, where the content of the company boosts its search and aggregation functions. However, concerns about digital news have increased in recent years, with publishers worrying about revenue decline and experts warning about the spread of low-quality sources.

Google's answer is multi-pronged. It is formed partnerships with local news agencies; created new mechanisms that make it easier for users to subscribe to publishers; set up & # 39; s programs to combat fake news; and relaunched its own special News app with new AI functions. It is a wave of activity, although it is not clear whether one of these programs will change the basic dynamics of the current media landscape, with technology platforms continuing to cut publishers' earnings and push users to dubious publishers.

The updated News tab will be made available to users around the world in the coming weeks.