Google opens beta testing program for Android Auto

Google launches a new Android Auto beta tester program, giving users the chance to access features early if they are willing to endure the potential instability of unfinished software. Android Auto has had a testing program, but when attempting to sign up for it, a warning message was displayed that the program had reached its “maximum number of testers.”

“As a beta tester, you can help us build a better version of Android Auto. You can test in your part of the world how well new features work with your specific phone and vehicle,” says Google. “When you share your feedback, we will use it to plan improvements for future releases.”

The announcement of the new beta program comes as Android Auto just went through one of its biggest expansions in years when it launched in dozens of new countries in late 2020. The wireless connectivity feature also got a big boost recently with news that any Android 11 phone could wirelessly connect to compatible vehicles. Given these improvements, it’s not surprising that Google needs more beta testers.

To sign up, Google tells you to go to the opt-in page, where there is an option to ‘become a tester’. Once signed in, the beta version of Android Auto can be downloaded from the Play Store. If the bugginess gets too much, Google says the link is to unsubscribe here. Don’t forget to uninstall the beta app and re-download the stable version from the play store to exit the beta.