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Google moves forward with AI chatbot competitor ‘Bard’, opening waiting list for testers


Google is moving to the next phase of its launch of the artificial intelligence chatbot known as “Bard.”

The company announced Tuesday that it is opening a waiting list for users to try the new program, which is modeled similar to the revamped “Bing” search engine that Microsoft launched last month.

Until now, Google has had a hand-picked group of “trusted testers” using Bard. However, it is not yet known how many people will be brought in this next phaseor how many will be allowed on the waiting list.

Currently, applicants are limited to the US and UK as Google continues a more cautious approach to launch.

The company knows that there is a high risk involved, since it owns approximately 90% of the Internet market and users count on the search engine as a reliable source of information.

Google and parent company Alphabet are moving forward as they take steps to protect themselves from potential dangers.

Bard is offered through a separate site from the typical search engine. It will have a query box connected to the platform, allowing users to verify the validity of what the chatbot displays.

In February, Bard was initially revealed in a presentation where he displayed an incorrect answer related to a ask about the James Webb telescope.

While the error was minor compared to some other issues AI chatbots have voiced in recent monthsit resulted in a nearly 8% drop in Alphabet shares in a single day, wiping out about $100 billion in shareholder wealth.

Despite the risks, the company believes that Bard will offer “incredible benefits” such as “boosting human productivity, creativity and curiosity.” Google said in a blog that two of his vice presidents wrote with Bard’s help.

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