Google Meet’s free ‘unlimited’ calls will run through June


Google will not introduce a 60-minute call limit for free Google Meet users at the end of March announced in a tweetInstead, it now starts on June 30. Until then, anyone using the free version of the service can host calls for up to 24 hours, which is what Google calls “ unlimited. ”

This is the second time Google has pushed the introduction of call limits since the service opened to free users in April. A 60-minute limit was originally going to go into effect in late September, but that deadline was later moved to March when it became clear that many of us wouldn’t be able to celebrate the holiday in person with our loved ones. .

Google hasn’t explicitly said why it’s extending the deadline this time, but the ongoing pandemic restrictions that are in place around the world probably have something to do with it. I think I am speaking on behalf of everyone when I say I hope Google will not have a reason to extend the June deadline again.