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Google Maps will stop showing gas stations to EV owners


Availability of the loading port in real time: Just search for “ev charging stations” on Google Maps and you’ll see real-time availability of charging ports at nearby stations so you don’t have to wait in line.

Load speed filters: The ‘very fast’ charging filter will help you easily find stations that have chargers of 150 kilowatts or more. For many cars, this can give you enough power to fill up and be back on the road in less than 40 minutes. You can also use the “fast” chargers which will show you stations with chargers of 50kW or more.

Plug Type Filters: You can also filter by stations that offer your EV plug type so you only see stations with plugs that are compatible with your car.

Add charging stops to trips: On any trip that requires a charging stop, Maps will suggest the best stop based on factors such as current traffic, charge level, and expected power consumption.

Charging stations in search results: We’ll also show you in search results when places like a supermarket have charging stations on site. So if you’re on your way to get groceries, you can more easily choose a store that also allows you to charge your car there.”

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