Google makes it easier to transfer Gmail photos to Google Photos


Google is adding a new ‘Save to Photos’ button to Gmail, which you can press to automatically save an image by email to Google Photos, the the company has announced. It will be rolling out to personal Gmail users, Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and G Suite Business customers in the coming weeks and will be available alongside the existing “Add to Drive” button. Unfortunately, it only works on JPEGs for now. Sorry PNG die.

Now is a good time to find an easier way to add images to Google Photos, as the service’s storage options will be thoroughly overhauled on June 1. At that point, the service’s unlimited storage space for “high-quality” photos will disappear and be replaced by a 15 GB cap. Importantly, images uploaded before the change takes effect do not count towards the new limit.

In other words, start smashing that “Save to Photos” button and get the most out of your free uploads while they’re still available. Check out our in-depth walkthrough for a full rundown of the changes coming to Google Photos next month, including how they apply to Pixel owners who got free Google Photos uploads as part of their purchase.