Google Lens displays reviews if you start in the restaurant menu this week

Google is launching a few interrelated functions designed to make choosing restaurants easier. The first was originally announced by the company to Google I / O and allows you to place the camera of your phone in the menu of a restaurant to view user reviews and photos of the dishes. The feature is available through Google Lens, a piece of software that is available as an app and is also built into the camera on Google Pixel devices. Google has confirmed that the feature will start at the end of this week with support for menus in English, and will be expanded to more languages ​​in the future.


If you want to give user reviews through Google Lens, you need individual meal reviews to get started. Google also launches a new submenu & # 39; Popular dishes & # 39; on the page of a restaurant in the Google Maps app. You can add a review after taking a photo of a particular dish, which is also automatically translated when you are abroad. 9to5Google was the first to spot the function being tested at the beginning of May.

The "Popular dishes" menu can be found in the Google Maps app.
Image: Google

Google is not the only company that has tried to include reviews of individual restaurant dishes. Last year, VentureBeat reported Yelp has added a feature of the same name Popular dishes to its reviews. However, the implementations of Google and Yelp work slightly differently. Although they both learn to use machinery to search through existing reviews and match them with dishes, Google also lets you add information and photos about specific dishes instead of viewing the restaurant in total.

The Google Lens functionality will be available at the end of this week for iOS devices and Android devices that support ARCore. Meanwhile, the Popular Dishes feature has been launched on Google Maps for Android today and will be coming to iOS in the coming months.

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