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Google issues security warning to 1.8 billion Gmail users, here’s what to do


Google recently introduced a new security feature, the Gmail check mark system, which turned out to have a critical error. This has led Google to issue a security warning to their 1.8 billion Gmail users.

The checkmark system was introduced to help users identify verified companies and organizations through a blue checkmark, making it easier to distinguish legitimate emails from scams. However, cybercriminals have found a way to abuse this system, raising concerns about Gmail’s security.

How hackers can exploit Gmail’s check mark verification and what it means for users
As reported by Forbes, a cybersecurity engineer named Chris Plummer discovered that scammers could trick Gmail into thinking their fake brands were real. Scammers have used a flaw in the checkmark system to build trust with Gmail users to their advantage, which may lead users to believe the email is from a trusted sender.

“The sender found a way to duplicate Gmail’s authoritative stamp of approval, which end users come to trust. This message went from a Facebook account to a UK netblock, to O365, to me. Nothing about this is legit,” explains. Chewer.

Initially, Google did not believe Plummer’s discovery and thought it would happen. But after Plummer’s tweets about the issue became popular, Google agreed that a mistake had been made.

At first, Google was unconvinced by Plummer’s discovery and assumed it was intentional. After Plummer’s tweets about the issue gained traction, Google reportedly acknowledged the error.

The company allegedly accepted their mistake to Plummer and assured him that a team was investigating. They recognized the seriousness of the problem and made it a top priority by labeling it a ‘P1’ solution.

Google says “sorry” for the confusion

“After taking a closer look, we realized that this indeed does not appear to be a generic SPF vulnerability. Therefore, we are reopening this and the appropriate team is investigating what’s going on,” Google said in a statement.

“We apologize again for the confusion, and we understand our initial response may have been frustrating, thank you so much for urging us to look into this further! We’ll keep you posted on our review and the direction this issue takes ,” the statement added.

As Google’s recent warning highlights, it’s important to remember that even advanced security features can have vulnerabilities. To ensure the security and integrity of Gmail, constant vigilance is critical and users should exercise caution when handling email communications.


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