Google is remembering Wear OS long enough to add a new keyboard


In what feels like an increasingly rare event, Google announced that it is updating Wear OS with a new feature today – but don’t get too excited, it’s just a keyboard. In this case, Google is porting through Gboard, the swipeable predictive text-based keyboard it offers for Android, iOS and Android TV, as noted by 9to5Google.

Like the larger phone version, Gboard for Wear OS supports multiple input methods on a keyboard that is slightly more finger-friendly than the old version the OS used. You can type by tapping, swiping or speaking. The keyboard also has easier access to emoji and “improved suggestions” above the keyboard.

Along with the new keyboard, Google says it is also introducing multi-language support for all languages ​​offered on Wear OS. To switch languages, Gboard for Wear OS has a language shortcut at the bottom of the keyboard that opens a menu of options.

The update is minor, but Google is at least paying attention to an operating system that has mainly received minor updates for a while. Google opened Tiles on the OS to third-party developers earlier this year and promised to improve CPU performance in August 2020. With Google I / O 2021 – the company’s developer conference – in the offing, there’s a possibility that Google has more improvements to share for Wear OS, but be glad you can at least swipe to on your wrist until then. typing.