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Google is once again adding a Calendar app to Android Auto so you can see how to get to your next appointment

Google is released a new update to Android Auto with which the car software regains some of its intelligence. This includes bringing back the Calendar app, which allows you to view information about your next appointment and get directions if you added a location to the calendar entry. Google previously removed the Calendar app from its latest redesign in 2019 and replaced it with a button that just reads your appointments aloud to the Google Assistant instead of showing you anything on the screen.

The new update also adds relevant shortcuts to the Calendar app – so if you need to buy a birthday cake, for example, you have the option to call the baker or get directions to get there. Apple introduced a similar calendar feature in 2019 that allowed CarPlay users to request directions and view appointments as part of the iOS 13 update.

Aside from returning the smarts to the Calendar app, Google also announced today that it is working with early access partners to help create new apps and categories for Android Auto, including navigation, parking and electric vehicle charging . Google has not said how those apps will be distributed. If the tests pass, Google will make those APIs public so that other software developers can start building new apps for its automotive software.