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Google is launching a new “Works with Chromebook” badge for accessories

Google has been launched a new “Works with Chromebook” badge for accessories certified to be compatible with Chromebooks (through 9to5Google). The certification is given to chargers, mice, keyboards, power adapters and more.

“We tested these accessories to ensure they meet Chromebook compatibility standards,” said Kevin Ngo, program manager Works with Chromebook, in a blog post. “Once you see the badge, you can be sure that the product will work seamlessly with your Chromebook.”

You can see what the badge looks like in the image below website of the program:

Image: Google

Currently, 13 companies are listed as Works with Chromebook partners: AbleNet, Anker, Belkin, Brydge, Cable Matters, Elecom, Hyper, Kensington, Logitech, Plugable, Satechi, StarTech and Targus.

The Works with Chromebook certification appears on accessories in the US, Canada and Japan, and you can purchase them from Amazon, Best Buy (in the US and Canada), Walmart.comand Bic Camera (in Japan), according to Google. Works with Chromebook certified accessories will be available soon at other stores and in other countries.

Google offers a similar program: “Made for Google,“To certify accessories as compatible with the company’s Pixel phones and Google Nest. When that program launched in October 2017, it had 25 partners. There are now 44.