Google Home works with Argos for voice-activated shopping

The future of retail?

Argos is the first UK retail chain that has ever offered a shopping service using Google Home and Google Assistant, probably in response to the increased competition from online trading sites such as Amazon.

Customers can reserve products in their local Argos store for collection via the Google Assistant on their Google Home speaker or smartphone as soon as they have enabled the service.

However, you will still need to browse through the Argos catalog or view the website to find the product you need, making the process less seamless. Finally, if you are already on the website, why not book the article?

Stay logical

Argos is realistic about the impact this new service will have on its sales figures, with chief executive John Rogers telling the BBC that he "does not expect to turn on the app and suddenly doubles our sales", but he thinks customers will enjoy it experimenting as a new way of shopping.

The Argos catalog is, after all, a major component of the British coffee table, with millions still being distributed annually to customers. Could talking to the Google Assistant ever replace the joy of leafing through the catalog, taking biro and circling the gifts you want your parents to buy before Christmas?

(Image: © Argos)

The public is not yet convinced

The news of the collaboration between Argos and Google comes after a report The information discovered that only 16% of the owners of smart speakers use their device for shopping, with & # 39; only about 2% of people with [Amazon Alexa-enabled] devices " make voice-controlled purchases in 2018.

This may be due to a general mistrust when buying items without seeing and comparing products on a screen. Nevertheless, Amazon claims that many of its customers use the service.

Via BBC Technology