Google has thought about a watch with a perforator camera

A recently discovered patent suggests that at some point Google was experimenting with the idea of ​​hitting a camera in the middle of a smartwatch. LetsGoDigital spotted the patent, which was filed earlier this week in July 2017. The patent is simply entitled "Camera Watch" and contains seven diagrams of the unreleased design.


There was a time when cameras & # 39; s were a much more regular function in smartwatches. Samsung, for example, recorded a camera on both the Galaxy Gear and Gear 2 in 2013 and 2014. However, in recent years they have become less common. Apple has never included a camera on an Apple Watch (although a patent suggests it was ever considering putting one in the watch band), and cameras are missing on other recent smartwatches from Samsung, Fossil, and Garmin .

It is not difficult to see why cameras have not found a permanent home in smartwatches. There is very little room for a decent sensor and it can be difficult to take a well-framed photo. And then there is the Dweeb factor. See how ridiculous I looked when I tried to use the Nubia Alpha smartwatch to take a picture of our video producer.

Trying to take a photo with a watch is … a challenging experience.
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Suffice it to say that any smartwatch camera such as this one is probably much better suited for making selfies or making video calls.

It's a pretty neat little design, and now that we've seen so many phones make small perforations for their selfie camera & # 39; s (most recently the Samsung Galaxy Note 10), I tend to think that a design like this could really work in a future smartwatch. Whether or not Google will actually make it is quite a matter.

There were rumors that the company was planning to launch a Pixel Watch last year, but Google later admitted that it was not ready to produce its own watch. However, now that Google has taken over a piece of smartwatch technology from Fossil, it may be time for the company to review its own wearable.