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Google could bring the battle to Roku and Amazon with an even cheaper Chromecast

Google is working on a lower Chromecast with Google TV that would fall below the current model in terms of price and video resolution. According to Protocols Janko Roettgers, the upcoming, cheaper Chromecast will use the same Google TV software as the existing hardware and still include a remote. But it will be limited to a maximum of 1080p video quality.

Playing with that limitation protocol believes that Google can market the device as “Chromecast HD with Google TV”, similar to the branding of Apple’s Apple TV HD. The product would be marketed to consumers with 1080p TVs who don’t necessarily care about the very best picture quality. Other specs mentioned in the report include a maximum of 2 GB of RAM and a frame rate of 60 fps and confirmation that the hardware would be able to decode Google’s favorite AV1 codec.

With the 2020 Chromecast with Google TV going for $49.99, the potential price points for the HD version can range from $19.99 to $39.99. The entry-level streaming hardware market is fiercely competitive, with multiple models to choose from, from Amazon and Roku alone; It’s clear that Google wants to capitalize on that pool of potential customers.

The only thing that would give me pause over a lower Chromecast with Google TV is the performance. The current model can already crash from time to time, so hopefully Google can provide a device that sacrifices resolution without ruining the day-to-day experience of browsing streaming recommendations and apps.

This new Chromecast HD with Google TV would likely replace the outdated older-generation Chromecast that Google continues to sell for $29.99 – despite coming without built-in entertainment apps or a remote. Like its predecessors, the standard Chromecast relies on users to stream content from another device such as their smartphone or PC to the HDMI dongle. Google TV is a much simpler approach that offers a comprehensive app store, voice search, integration with Google Assistant, and more.

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