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Google confirms the new smart Nest speaker with official photo and video

Google has responded to the inadvertent disclosure of a new smart Nest speaker through legal notices by, well, confirming its existence. The company has just shipped The edge an official photo of the device, which only refers to it as “what the Nest team is working on at home.”

The speaker looks somewhere between the soft Nest Mini and the larger Google Home Max, with a similar ability to stand vertically. In the photo, it is wrapped in a blue fabric, while the photos from the application showed a more neutral gray design.

Google has also shared a short teaser video that uses the speaker in the background, including a pinkish color variant.

Google’s hardware products are notorious for leaking prematurely, so as with the Pixel 4, it’s helpful to see the company ahead of that reality. Not a word when this new Nest speaker will be fully revealed or released.