Google Chrome will receive a new update for its 10th anniversary

<pre><pre>Google Chrome will receive a new update for its 10th anniversary

It is strange to think so Google Chrome has been with us for a decade, but the free web browser celebrated its 10th anniversary on September 2 and has a fitting one flashy new update to reflect the newly found maturity.

Although Google Chrome renews every six weeks, it is a bit special, with a completely new look for the browser, including rounded shapes, a fresh color palette and new icons.

A streamlined new look

The new look uses a flat design that removes shadows and gradients, giving Chrome a cleaner, more streamlined appearance, making it easier to navigate quickly. Tabs have a rounded shape, making it easier to see the icons for each website when there are many tabs open.

In addition to these aesthetic changes, Google has also upgraded the search bar to show answers to your questions in the bar itself. This means that you can quickly get answers to your questions without opening a new tab.

You can also search for tabs in the search bar, which is useful when you work with many tabs at the same time. In addition, you can now set your favorite sites on the & # 39; new tab & # 39; and set a background image of your choice.

Check yourself before you rex yourself

Google has also announced that you will soon be able to search through the search bar in your Google Drive files and folders, but perhaps the most exciting update is the Dino Runner game.

If you have ever had a bad connection, you might be familiar with the pixelated T-Rex, which ends up in a side scrolling game when you click on the spacebar. In honor of the tenth year of Google Chrome, the game is renewed with birthday cakes and balloons, and the T-Rex is equipped with a fun party hat.

To play the game, turn off your WiFi and open a new tab or type chrome: // dino / In your search bar.

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