Google brings its Digital Wellbeing tools to Home and Assistant

<pre><pre>Google brings its Digital Wellbeing tools to Home and Assistant

Google created a lot of noise about the new Digital Wellbeing tools when they announced them at the Google I / O developer conference in May, and it is very similar to the company's plan to roll out this suite of apps to its smart assistant and smart speakers.

9to5Google has dug some in the most recent version of the Google app and noticed that Digital Wellbeing would be coming to the Google Assistant in the near future. There is a new menu item Digital well-being and it looks like you can set limits for the use of technical gadgets – possibly via such a gadget, Google home.

All of this does not work yet or is not visible in the app and Google has not said anything about extending the idea of ​​digital wellbeing to the other products, but it is logical that features like this should work on all the hardware that Google makes.

Get away from the technology

If you missed the news Digital well-being, it's a new dashboard Android 9 Pie with which you can see how often you unlock your phone, which apps you use the most and how many notifications you get every day.

In addition, you can set limits for daily use of specific apps, specify certain times when notifications are displayed or create a sound, and activate a new feature called Wind Down, which blocks access to apps and makes the screen gray. So you're less tempted to go binge on a Netflix series when you go to bed.

It is part of a growing trend of technical companies that want to help us use the technology they've created responsibly – a similar feature called Screen Time is coming the iOS 12 update due to launch later this month.