Google Assistant has an identity crisis

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No one ever talks about how difficult it is to be an assistant with voice activation: constantly dealing with the demands of angry users, never being able to shut down completely, and the expectation that you have to understand a wide variety of different languages ​​without ever having to make a mistake.

Put simply, it sounds like hell, and it's no wonder that the Google assistant is in the middle of an identity crisis, where users report random changes in accent, language and gender when the Google Assistant responds to their questions or assignments.

After a number of complaints appeared on the Google Assistant forum, Google acknowledged that there is a problem with the digital assistant, which is built into a huge array of smart speakers such as Google Home, wearables, smartphones and TV's.

No cooperation

Although many users have complained that their devices do not respond to OK, Google & # 39 ;, some have experienced even more troubling issues, such as the assistant who randomly changes the way he speaks to them, including sex and accent .

One client reported that her Google assistant began to speak with a male voice with an American accent, even though she was set to a British female voice, while another said the assistant had randomly switched from US to English in the UK and refused to switch back.

Language, please

These problems come just one week after Google announced that Google Assistant would integrate bilingual support, meaning that if you live in a multilingual home, you can speak with Google in the language that suits you best – and your Japanese grandmother.

However, bilingual support is only available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese so far and requires that you set up your two preferred languages ​​at the launch, which will not make your grandmother easy to use if she is not technically educated .

Whether the current issues are related to the new bilingual capabilities of the Google Assistant is unclear, but we hope it will be better soon.

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