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Google, Adidas and EA are working together on a new smart insole that follows footballs for FIFA Mobile rewards

Google, Adidas and EA work together on a smart insole that connects to your phone and can turn your kicks and moves on the football field into rewards FIFA Mobile. The smart insole is powered by Google’s Jacquard wearable technology, which was previously only available on two Levi’s jackets and on a Yves Saint Laurent backpack.

The product is called Adidas GMR and it is now for sale. For $ 40 you get two insoles, a jacquard label to place in the shoe of your dominant foot and a dummy label that goes in the shoe of your other foot.

Photograph by Cameron Faulkner / The Verge

The Jacquard tag on the jackets and backpack connects to your phone, allowing you to use touch-sensitive fabric as a remote control for calls, music and more. The tag that comes with the GMR is the same second-generation tag that comes with newer Levi’s jackets and the backpack, but it works very differently – it fits in a pocket on the insole and tracks your physical movements with machine learning algorithms the device . The kicks and runs that you do while playing football can then be translated into in-game rewards FIFA Mobile.

Photograph by Cameron Faulkner / The Verge

The idea is similar to what Nike was trying to achieve with its in-shoe Nike + iPod sensor, which was connected to your iPod to track your runs, or its Nike + Basketball program, which helped you improve your basketball game by pair of shoes with the Nike + iOS app.

The GMR tag connects to the new Adidas GMR app, and once you’ve set it up, you can link it to your FIFA Mobile profile. Once you’ve done this, you’ll unlock an Adidas GMR-exclusive event FIFA Mobile that offer new challenges in the real world every week, such as kicking a ball for a certain time or running a certain mile. There will also be rankings where you can see rankings for things like who has kicked the ball the quickest.

Image: Adidas

The process to actually enter your movement data FIFA Mobile sounds a bit awkward. You must first open the GMR app to extract the data from the Jacquard tag and thereafter Open FIFA Mobile to bring your movement data into the game.

You must also ensure that the tag is charged if you want it to follow your movements. The battery is designed to play two or three full football matches, or about a week if you only use the tag for more moderate use. But every time you want to charge the tag, you have to remove the insole, remove the tag from the insole, charge the tag via Micro USB and then put the tag back in the insole and place the insole in your shoe.

But those potential frustrations can be worth it if you are an avid football and FIFA Mobile player – if you already play a lot of football, the GMR seems to make you turn your efforts on the field into an advantage on the virtual field.