Goodbye, funky hacks: soon you will be able to download albums on the Spotify desktop app


Refresh Spotify’s desktop app seems to be rolled out to users, and it brings with it a really useful feature: album downloads. The app has supported downloading playlists to your computer for a while now. The update should make it easier to keep your library managed if you want to keep the music going even when you’re offline. It’s worth noting that this feature is limited to Premium subscribers – according to Spotify’s documentation, free users can only download podcasts.

Downloading an album works in the same way as downloading a playlist: navigate to the album page and press the download button. It should then be available next time you go to offline modeThis should make it easier to manage your offline library if you’re the type of person who is very specific about what you want to listen to. (For example, I had a carefully curated playlist called ‘Downloads’ where I would dump songs and albums as a solution to not save individual things for offline listening.)

Now I can download individual albums and set up my Downloads playlist for free.

The update also includes tweaks to the appearance of the desktop and web player, as well as how playlist management works. It seems to be rolling out right now – some Verge the staff got it yesterday, others today. So if you don’t see it, just hold on. You should see a screen to let you know that you have the update.

Who doesn’t like offline use?