Goodbye BlackBerry? The telephone brand may disappear soon after the end of the association with TCL

Goodbye BlackBerry? The telephone brand may disappear soon after the end of the association with TCL

  • BlackBerry will finalize an agreement with TCL to manufacture branded phones
  • The agreement will expire this year and BlackBerry does not yet have another partner
  • Last year, BlacBerry also stopped licensing its courier service

The dissolution of a critical partnership between TCL and Blackberry could be the death sentence for one of the world's most recognized smartphone brands.

According to a tweet sent by BlackBerry on Monday, TCL Communications will stop manufacturing BlackBerry-branded smartphones by the end of the year, which will end an association in 2016.

"However, we are sorry to share that as of August 31, 2020, TCL Communication will no longer sell mobile devices with the BlackBerry brand," BlackBerry writes in a statement.

"TCL Communication has no more rights to design, manufacture or sell new BlackBerry mobile devices."

As noted The edge, BlackBerry has no manufacturing partnership with other companies to manufacture their phones.

That could explain a parenthesis or a possible complete disappearance of the BlackBerry brand.

The company has not yet indicated whether it will seek partnerships with other manufacturers to keep its phones alive.

The news of the expired BlackBerry agreement with TCL follows the fall of several of its other products, including the Black Berry Messenger.

Last year, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was the last in a series of legacy messaging applications that were removed.

After 13 years, BBM will finally send its last message on May 31

The application declined in popularity once BlackBerry phones lost their presence in the market.

About a decade ago, BBM was among the most popular mobile messaging applications on the market, as it was launched in 2006 three full years before similar "mobile first" platforms such as WhatsApp.

For TCL, the end of its agreement with BlackBerry may reflect its current course towards being a pioneer in its own line of branded phones that has increased in recent months.

TCL, a Chinese company known primarily for selling capable televisions, announced its intentions at the Consumer Electronics Show in January to launch a new phone line called TCL 10 Pro, TCL 10L and TCL 10 5G.

While the company has long manufactured devices for other companies, this will be one of the first phones launched under its own name.

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