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Golden Retriever immerses itself in mud and remains barely recognizable

Nasty puppy! Golden retriever remains barely recognizable after she has soaked herself in mud while trying to cool off

  • A golden retriever wriggled in mud at Hondo Dog Park in Hillsboro, Oregon
  • Her bewildered owner tells other dog walkers that she was “golden … well she was”
  • The dog stretches across the soaked soil before shaking its dirty fur

A golden retriever is excitedly filmed rolling in mud and barely recognizable left behind while trying to cool off in the heat.

Ashley Rangel made funny pictures of the dirty pooch snakes around a mud pool in Hondo Dog Park in Hillsboro, Oregon.

She stretches across the dirty grass before shaking a fur soaked in mud.

A dog looks from the sidelines and starts barking furiously at the rolling dog.

The cute dog has a break while she spreads over the mud

She seems defensive when other dogs came around

She seems defensive when other dogs came around

A golden retriever is filmed in total happiness while lying over a muddy piece of grass in Hondo Dog Park in Hillsboro, Oregon

The owner of the bewildered dog can be heard describing the color of his dog as a “golden … well, she was” while other walkers burst out laughing.

A few seconds later, a caramel-coated dog comes by to see what is happening.

The curious dog, happily wagging its tail, sniffs the retriever in the clip from June.

They check each other out before the puppy runs away.

The dog’s owner struggles to control his entertainment while telling the other walkers “she’s a golden … well, she was” while his pet wriggles on the floor

She does not restrain herself while she tries to throw herself into the dirty place and play in the dirt.

Ashley said: “The person who opened [the park] did not get the memo that they had to keep it closed that day.

“The park staff entered the park after I filmed this and kicked us all out.”

The animal lover said that her own dog does not necessarily enjoy mud, just like this golden retriever.

“My dog, Piper, would not stop barking at the muddy dog, such as:” What are you doing! You are going to get so many problems! ”