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Golden Globes member accused of sexual misconduct insists that HE was the victim

Golden Globes member who was disciplined for ‘sexual misconduct’ sues problem group that insists HE was the victim of groping and racism

  • Husam ‘Sam’ Asi Filed Lawsuit Against Hollywood Foreign Press Association
  • Asi was paroled after three women accused him of unwelcome advances.
  • Now he says the HFPA weaponized allegations of misconduct to silence him
  • Palestinian BBC journalist claims he was subjected to racist taunts
  • Asi claims a board member touched her buttocks and offered her ‘good sex’
  • He also says HFPA members called him a “terrorist” and suggested he hates Jews.

A member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association who faced disciplinary action over allegations of sexual misconduct has turned the group around, claiming in a lawsuit that he himself was a victim of sexual harassment and racism.

Husam ‘Sam’ Asi made the explosive allegations in a lawsuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging that he “endured a pattern of sexual harassment, hostile behavior, racial slurs and discrimination, and retaliatory conduct.”

The suit alleges that an HFPA board member groped and sexually advanced on Asi, and that other members referred to him as a “terrorist” and an “angry Arab,” according to the report. Los Angeles Times.

In February, Asi himself was accused of misconduct by three women who officially spoke with the envelopeaccusing him of making unwanted advances and ‘turning professional situations into sexualized encounters’.

Husam Asi (left) is suing the Golden Globes for

Husam Asi (left) is suing the Golden Globes for “weaponizing false accusations of sexual misconduct.” He is seen with Alberto Barbera and Ali Suliman in 2021

In response to the allegations, the Palestinian journalist was investigated by the HFPA, of which he is a longtime member, and suspended by his employers at the BBC and Al-Quds Al Arabi newspaper.

Asi’s accusations mark the latest twist for the troubled HFPA, which organizes the annual Golden Globes.

Earlier this year, NBC refused to air this award ceremony over concerns about the group’s racial history, including the fact that it hadn’t had a black member for 20 years.

Now, Asi claims the HFPA is “weaponizing false allegations of sexual misconduct” in retaliation for “his attempts to hold him accountable” on racial issues.

An HFPA spokesperson told DailyMail.com in a statement: “The HFPA has not received this lawsuit, however our position remains the same that a member has been indicted by a third party on significant and serious charges.”

“We have a disciplinary review process that involves a thorough investigation by an outside firm that all members are subject to,” the spokesperson said.

Going to 'Ting Ting' Xu said that Asi shared a rumor that she had performed oral sex on him.

Hanna Greentree said she felt uncomfortable when Asi asked her about her love life when she asked about HFPA membership.

Wenting ‘Ting Ting’ Xu (left), a former China HFPA member, and former journalist Hanna Greentree (right) previously accused Asi of ‘turning professional situations into sexualized encounters’

“We will respect the integrity of the investigation process and await their conclusions before determining what course of action to take.”

In her lawsuit, Asi claims that a female HFPA board member “grabbed” her “buttocks” on multiple occasions during press conferences.

This same member also invited him over to his home to “teach him how to have ‘good sex,'” the suit alleged.

He claimed that a former president of the association once told him that he had not been assigned any prestigious committee because he was an ‘angry Arab’.

Another member called him a “terrorist,” while on another occasion one made comments suggesting Asi “hates Jews” because of his ethnicity, according to the lawsuit.

Asi's allegations mark the latest twist for the troubled HFPA, which hosts the annual Golden Globes.

Asi’s allegations mark the latest twist for the troubled HFPA, which hosts the annual Golden Globes.

The interim CEO of the group, Todd Boehly, is working to revive his prestigious reputation.

The interim CEO of the group, Todd Boehly, is working to revive his prestigious reputation.

Asi alleges that the HFPA is using him as a scapegoat for their problems after facing public criticism.

‘The HFPA, criticized by the Los Angeles Times and other outlets for failing to keep its house in order so miserably, is using the false claims against Dr. Asi as an opportunity to make it appear that it takes the allegations seriously and it is changing. their culture,’ the lawsuit says.

In fact, Asi claims that his own anti-racism comments made him a target of retaliation.

In April, reports suggested that Asi had engaged in a heated exchange with a board member who shared an article calling Black Lives Matter a “racist hate movement” and comparing its work to mass murderer Charles Manson.


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