15+ Gold Napkin Rings And Ring Holders For Your Holiday Table

Here’s a festive finishing touch of gold napkin rings to show off your style!

It’s never too early to begin planning the holiday or Christmas table decor. It’s all about using fashionable accents like Christmas napkin rings that embody the spirit of festivals and joy. You must always choose the napkin ring holders that suit the overall aesthetic of your place. If you want something for the dining table where the food is going to be served, chances are that you might overlook wedding cardholders and napkin rings. Always remember these should not be the afterthought. This simple addition of the napkin holders can really display attention to detail and will definitely add up some glam to your dining table set-up. While the napkin rings and ring holders are available in many styles, finishes, and sizes, however for the holiday season you can’t go for the wrong design. 

It’s time for you to shop for the gold napkin rings available online. From the gold plated napkin rings to the innovative motifs and subdued designs, these napkin rings will definitely beautify your holiday table!

  1. FLUX NAPKIN RING  – This is a type of brass-plated napkin ring that comes with a striking organic feel that can easily suit any type of holiday tables. Get ready to decorate your dining table with this flux napkin ring.
  2. GOLD PINEAPPLE NAPKIN RING – Everyone knows that pineapples are a symbol of hospitality and sweetness. There’s no way that this gold napkin ring couldn’t be a part of your holiday dining table. This is available in a set of four. Choose wisely. 
  3. BAY LEAF NAPKIN RING – Keep your dining table simple with the help of this leaf napkin ring design. It’s stylish and comes with a sleek design that’s serene and elegant. 
  4. CRYSTAL FLOWER NAPKIN RING – Floral choices never go out of style. This floral napkin designed ring is adorned with beautiful Swarovski crystals. It is also plated with 24-karat yellow gold that makes it even more sophisticated. This elegant addition to your table will definitely lighten up the environment. 
  5. SYLVIE GOLD NAPKIN RING – You can choose this elegant, sophisticated and simple table napkin ring for a really tasteful look. This brass napkin ring comes with a tied ribbon design that’s really amazing. 
  6. NAPKIN JEWELS SNAKE – If you’re the one searching for a statement that could accent your style and steal the show this holiday season, then this is the right napkin ring for you. The look of this jewel napkin snake ring completes with the classic crystals around it. This looks perfect and is available in a set of four. 
  7. ROCK CRYSTAL CLUSTER NAPKIN RING – This one has a unique style and an eye-catching look of rock crystal. The napkin ring is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your holiday table. 
  8. ANTIQUE BRASS LEAF NAPKIN RINGS – Those looking for a vintage vibe must check out this brass leaf napkin ring that will definitely fit your bill. None of the napkin ring holders is going to burn a hole in your pocket. Get ready to add up the vintage vibes to your dining decor. 
  9. HOLLY NAPKIN RINGS – You can easily add up the festive touch to the dinner table with the help of these holy napkin rings. These mesmerizing napkin ring holders feature a holly motif. 
  10. GEM WREATH NAPKIN RINGS – These are vibrant wreath designed pretty gold napkin rings designed especially for the ones who like multi-colors and wreath designs. This one is really gorgeous as it’s set up on a pretty gold ring. 
  11. ARGENTIERE PAGLIAI NAPKIN RINGS – This napkin ring is a set of six and has brass leaf rings that are really very charming. You can have these amazing napkin rings at your holiday dining table. 
  12. GOLD BEADED NAPKIN RING – You’d be amazed to see these gold napkin rings. These are beaded and your dining holiday table will have a crafty feel that will fit your holiday season in the right manner. 
  13. GOLD NAPKIN RING – Sometimes less is really more and these gold napkin ring designs are proof of elegance and sophistication. 
  14. NAPKIN RINGS – You can also add gold napkin rings to your dining table to add a sense of balance for elaborating your table settings. 
  15. ANTIQUE GOLD NAPKIN RING – Ones searching for a holiday table setting will definitely understand the need for these brass napkin rings. You can easily use these napkin rings to exude an antique vibe. 
  16. HERB GARDEN NAPKIN RINGS – With these adorable napkin rings, you can easily display your love for nature with the set of eight napkin rings that are beautifully cast from the natural herb cuttings. 

To briefly conclude, you can easily choose the best napkin rings and ring holders for your dining table, this holiday season with the list given above. 

Happy Shopping!