Gold Coast Schoolies: TikTok star Jenna with the Pink goes to Surfers Paradise as 25-year-old

A 25-year old woman is enjoying Schoolies for the first-time. She says that she feels no shame in being seven or eight years older than her classmates. 

Influencer in Adelaide Jenna Hudson is known to her TikTok fans as Jenna with The PinkThe flight was made by. Gold Coast last week for Surfers Paradise’s iconic End of School Celebrations.

Ms Hudson said that even though she graduated high school almost a decade back, she did not go to Schoolies because of a protective boyfriend she had when she was younger.

She said, “Going to Schoolies as 25-years old definitely wasn’t something that I thought I would be doing but here’s the thing,” in a TikTok video where she recorded her experience.

“I didn’t get to go to Schoolies.”

Jenna is an Influencer Pink The School of the Future Gold Coast for the first-time at 25

Jenna, who was hired by Schoolies TV to host the event, is enjoying the party with the other teenagers.

She She revealed that her high school graduation was marked by her classmates leaving for Schoolies. Her older boyfriend, however, discouraged her from heading.

Daily Mail Australia was informed by TikTokker that he had an overprotective boyfriend who wasn’t happy with me going. He was jealous and insecure so I didn’t go to please him.

‘He It was very much “I’ve been to Schoolies before and you’ll hate them, you’ll probably end-up doing something that you don’t like to do.” 

“And being young and impressionable, and wanting my older boyfriend to be impressed, I didn’t go.

Jenna Will Be Living It Up Alongside The Teenagers Celebrating Finishing Year 12, And Has Been Hired To Host The Event With Schoolies Tv

Jenna will live it up with Year 12 students and has been hired as a host by Schoolies TV

The influencer stated that she was unsure what to expect at Surfers Paradise this summer and that she had seen lots of partying and ‘drunkenness, but most of the teens she encountered were very respectful.

She laughed, “Most people think that I’m a Schoolie too, even though it’s seven years old.”

“But I think children these days are growing up faster, the Internet is making them mature much faster, and walking around you could have a lot more intelligent conversations with many kids.

“I’ve had a lot of fun and I have absolutely no shame to be a Toolie.”

Toolie is a nickname for those over 18 who attend the annual celebrations at the end of the year, even though they are not part of the 2022 graduating class.

Jenna Is Seen With Dj Tigerlily At Schoolies. She Said Most Of The Teenagers She'D Come Across In The Gold Coast Had Been Very 'Respectful'

Jenna with DJ Tigerlily at Schoolies She Most of the teens she’d met in the slums were teenagers. Gold Coast was very respectful

Jenna expressed her joy at finally living out her Schoolies experience. She was also able to get onstage at Schoolies Nation’s music festival.

The festival featured DJ Havana Brown. Her father was too strict and she wasn’t allowed to go.

‘SheJenna stated, “She gets to relive these moments as an adult, and it’s even more amazing, because she’s just like mine.”

Schoolies hired the 25-year old to host the event and she also gave praise for the Schoolies. Red Frogs volunteers.

The Christian charity sends volunteers to help Schoolies in need and makes pancakes for them.

“Coming from South Australia I didn’t know” Red Frogs are a thing, but they do the best to make children feel comfortable,” she stated.

“There was also a lot of police around, but they were all friendly.” 

Jenna Said She'D Never Been To Schoolies Before And Had Gone To Host Schoolies Tv

She Also Attended The Schoolies Nation Festival

Jenna claimed she’d never been before to Schoolies, and that she’d gone to Schoolies TV to host it.

Jenna Is Seen At The Schoolies Nation Festival. She Said She Was Having A 'Blast' At The Event, Despite Being Seven Years Older Than Most Of The Attendees

Jenna can be seen at Schoolies Nation Festival. She Even though she is seven years older, she said she had a great time at the event despite not being able to meet most of the other attendees.

There will be more than 25,000 Schoolies at the event Gold Coast by yourself this year during the three-week celebrations. 

Queensland is the best place to celebrate the end school years.

Many will travel to Byron Bay and the Sunshine Coast, Airlie Beach, Lorne, and further afield, to Fiji or Bali.

165 people were arrested by police during the first week celebrations. However, less than one-third of those arrested were Schoolies. 

The Adelaide Influencer Said She 'Regretted' Not Going To Schoolies When She Was Younger Due To An Overprotective Boyfriend

Adelaide influencer says she regrets not going to Schoolies as a child due to her overprotective boyfriend

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