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GoFundMe Set Up for Greg Cannom, Oscar-Winning Makeup Artist Behind ‘Dracula’ and ‘The Lost Boys,’ After Major Health Setbacks


Good friends of Oscar-winning makeup artist Greg Cannom have actually established a GoFundMe page after significant health problems and obstacles have actually resulted in skyrocketing medical costs.

Cannom, whose profession covers over 4 years and is a mastermind in prosthetics, has actually been chosen for 14 Oscars. He has actually won 4 Oscars in finest hair and makeup for his deal with “Dracula,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “Vice.”

Far, over $21,000 has actually been raised as Cannom suffers from bad health and is no longer able to work and care for himself. According to the GoFundMe, Cannom’s health problems started with shingles, which led to long-term nerve damage to his lower legs, making strolling challenging and agonizing. A Staph infection on his ankle never ever recovered effectively and infected his foot, causing a partial amputation.Late in 2015, Cannom’s health degraded and he stays in the healthcare facility.

“The continuous infection in his foot infect his leg and it was cut off listed below the knee, on March 5. He is presently combating 3 various infections which are damaging his leukocyte. His body entered into Septic shock, which needed him to be intubated, and to get 3 different blood transfusions,” the post checks out. “Greg’s diabetes is likewise triggering his kidneys to malfunction in his present state, and a current medical diagnosis of cardiac arrest is making a favorable diagnosis harder. In addition to all of this, Greg’s vision has actually ended up being really bad and he needs cataract surgical treatment and lens replacement implants.”

Cannom is dealing with high monetary expenses as his treatment continues, and the GoFundMe is looking for to raise $75,000. Makeup artist Matthew Mungle (“Hillbilly Elegy”) is amongst the donors.

The page states that “Greg’s supreme objective is to end up being healthy sufficient to formally retire to the Hollywood Motion Picture Home.” Cannom’s body of work consists of “The Lost Boys,” “The Mask,” “Hannibal,” “The Passion of the Christ” and much more.

In a 2018 interview with Range, he discussed his deal with “Hannibal.” The script required Hannibal’s character to be without eyelids, a makeup accomplishment Cannom achieved by producing an eye clamp. “I was so pleased that something I believed was so difficult, we in fact pulled it off in this movie,” he stated.

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