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God of War Ragnarok sales and achievements so far.. | -WhatsNew2Day


Meanwhile, PlayStation is enjoying multiple successes, whether at the level of the PlayStation 5, which has achieved great sales, or at the level of first-party titles that are also achieving promising sales, the latest of which is God of War Ragnarok, described as one of the most successful exclusives released on Sony platforms so far.

Sony revealed that the game has sold more than 11 million A copy was sold in less than 3 months. While the game sold 5 million copies within only 5 days of its release.

Game God of War Ragnarok It was subjected to a lot of criticism prior to its release. Where it was seen by many as just additional content attached to the original game that was released in 2018. However, Santa Monica Studio managed to make an integrated game in terms of story, direction, events, and even battles with leaders.

The game was well received by critics and got ratings 94% On the global ratings site Metacritics, while it got a rating of 9.5/10 from the -WhatsNew2Day site. Thus, it became one of the most powerful games that were released during the holiday season last year 2022.

The matter did not stop here, as the game won several international awards while it managed to collect 6 out of 10 awards in an event The Game Awarded last year’s version.

God of War Ragnarok achievements

  • Selling 11 million copies in less than 3 months
  • Selling 5 million copies within 5 days of release
  • The best games of the generation in terms of ratings 94%
  • It won 6 out of 10 awards at the Video Game Awards event

Sony recently revealed that the development of God of War Ragnarok cost $ 200 million, while it did not disclose the cost of developing the previous part, which we expect to be close in cost.

Recently, the game got a big update that brought with it the new game mode + New Game, which enables the player to return from the beginning of the game using everything he got during his first conclusion to the game, where he will have all the skills, equipment and weapons. Something like the Draupnir Spear will also be in your arsenal from the start, though areas that were unlocked in the base game will remain locked until you reach a certain point in the story and unlock them again.

In addition, the mode also features a higher level cap, you can rise from the ninth level, which is the last in the base experience, to additional, more powerful levels, which reward you with gold coins that can be used to buy something new.

Lots of new equipment is also available, including the black fur cloak that Kratos equipped at the start of the game. New Game + mode will allow you to start with this new cloak, and it will stay with you even after the first chapter of the story.

It is expected that the PC version of the game will be announced soon, while the owners of the platform are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this news. Share with us your first experience of the game?

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