Gocycle’s foldable G4 e-bikes promise more power and less noise


Gocycle, the maker of some of the most eye-catching and adaptable electric bicycles in the world, is back with its fourth generation e-bike. The G4 series brings a new motor, better tires, lighter carbon fiber components and more to improve on what is already one of our favorite e-bikes. But before you get too excited, you should know the G4 range begins at a suggested retail price of $ 3,999. The G4, G4i and G4i Plus models are all available for pre-order now

For the money, Gocycle makes a very high-quality e-bike that we’ve found to be equally suitable for long commutes as well as multimodal travel thanks to its compact, quick-folding design with wide, high-volume tires. That tradition continues with the G4 models.

The new engine is probably my favorite change and the feature I’m most excited to test. For starters, the custom G4drive is now billed as “silent,” matching most modern e-bike engines over $ 1,300. It is also tuned for power starting from a standstill. Previously, Gocycle relied on thumping power to get you off the line to keep the front hub motor and removable battery as small and light as possible. The G4drive promises more torque and power from what Gocycle still calls a “leading compact package”. We will see.

New carbon fiber center frame and other enhancements help reduce weight by 1kg on all models.
Image: Gocycle

The new G4drive front hub motor is quieter, more powerful and capable of delivering power from a standstill, while the tires have improved grip.
Image: Gocycle

Even with that stronger engine, other changes, such as a switch to carbon fiber for the midframe and single-sided fork, help reduce weight by 1kg across the range, while tread tires with an infused silica compound promise better grip. The four generation of e-bikes also improves connectivity with an integrated 1-amp USB charging port on the handlebar and Bluetooth LE, as well as improved folding and braking power, Gocycle said. Three and a half hours of fast charging is now standard across the range.

“G4 has been in development for many years and represents the most significant product update for Gocycle since our G1 to G2 engineering program,” said Gocycle designer and founder Richard Thorpe in a press release. “Our generation four models have been developed through a combination of listening to our customers and our ongoing mission to develop the best electric city bikes in the world. G4 will not only set a new standard for Gocycle, but also a new standard of performance for all our competitors in the portable electric bike segment. ”

The top class G4i Plus in glossy black with carbon wheels.
Image: Gocycle

The G4 (£ 3,399 / € 3,699 / $ 3,999) is the entry-level model with mechanical twist-shift gears and a range of up to 40 miles. The G4i (£ 3,999 / € 4,499 / $ 4,999) takes it a step further with predictive electronic shifting, integrated daytime running lights, a more detailed LED dashboard and an improved range of up to 50 miles. The top-of-the-line G4i Plus (£ 4,999 / € 5,499 / $ 5,999) further improves things with lightweight carbon wheels. It will be available in limited numbers in custom red or glossy black.