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‘Go big!’ Chris Christie says Obama, Trump and Biden made us ‘smaller’


‘Go big!’ Chris Christie says Obama, Trump and Biden have made us ‘smaller’ – then rips GOP ‘pretenders’ who use tiny issues to divide and rule – and says Trump is ‘mirror obsessed’

  • “I don’t have a specific strategy. I’ll be myself, Christie swore
  • He accused ‘suitors’ of using small issues to divide people
  • He said Trump ‘never admits wrongdoing’

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie kicked off his return to national politics with an opening message: “Go big.”

Christie launched a town hall in Manchester, New Hampshire, listing founder leaders in Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson and John F. Kennedy who he said were ready to go big when it mattered.

Then he tore into rivals he dubbed “suitors” who he said were looking to distract by focusing on small issues in a bid to divide the nation for their own benefit.

“We have presidential candidates talking about issues so small that sometimes it’s hard to understand them,” he said in a remark that appeared to be aimed at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

He said Donald Trump “has made us smaller by dividing us even more and pitting one group against another, different groups against different groups every day.”

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ripped Donald Trump during remarks in New Hampshire on Tuesday

He said the “suitors” seek “to further divide you, to make it easier for them to rule over you”.

Christie spoke at a town hall at St. Anselm’s Institute of Politics in Manchester, bringing him face to face with voters in a state where he was heavily focused during his 2016 campaign, but where he came sixth.

He first spoke without naming a leader he called “lonely, self-absorbed” and “selfish.”

Then, in a straight talk he plans to make a hallmark of his campaign again, Christie said: ‘The person I’m talking about who is obsessed with the mirror, who never admits a mistake, who doesn’t never admit a fault…. is Donald Trump.

Christie made it clear from the start of his remarks that he would keep his promise to lead the fight against Trump, who stands well above his rivals in the GOP realm.

His first question came from a clinical psychologist who said the nation had been ‘traumatized’.

Christy denounced the “chaos” and the “constant screaming and screaming”, as well as the “false strength”.

“If you direct this chaos to aggrandize yourself … well, you traumatize the nation,” he said.

“Trump voters don’t exist,” he told a 15-year-old caller. ‘He doesn’t own them. He didn’t take the title. It’s not his buildings. It’s not one of his failed New Jersey casinos. These are not the wrecks he has in Las Vegas.

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