GMB furor over gender-neutral term ‘seizure’ was predictable after MCC’s push for inclusivity

GMB furor over the gender neutral term ‘batter’ was all very predictable amid MCC’s push for inclusiveness… will the boundary rope and comment box now resist this break from tradition?

  • Viewers were asked whether gender-neutral term ‘batter’ should be used in cricket
  • The answer was an overwhelming ‘no’ from the nearly 13,000 respondents
  • Elsewhere, Alan Partridge’s fingers seem to be all over Gary Neville’s the overlap

Earlier this week, ITV show Good Morning Britain conducted a Twitter poll.

‘Is it time for the gender-neutral term ‘batter’ to be used in cricket?’ they asked.

The response was overwhelming: 82 percent of nearly 13,000 respondents said no, and the anger continued in the comments below.

TV viewers were asked if the gender-neutral term ‘batter’ should be used in cricket

“Are we going to change the word ‘postman’ later?” a woman complained.

‘NO BALLS?’ another user asked, we assume ironically. Golfer David Lynn sarcastically suggested: ‘It’s about time Manchester changed its name too.’

All very original. All very predictable too, after the MCC’s pursuit of inclusivity. However, what will be interesting is what is happening now. Will the border rope and comment box become a martyrdom if people resist this break with tradition?

Or will the anger subside as they look up from their phones and go about their daily lives? You would hope they have bigger things to worry about.

Our mask has fallen off in troubled times

There is a skit in the unique British comedy show That Mitchell and Webb Look in which two German SS soldiers make a horrifying discovery: they see that the badge on their cap represents a skull.

“Hans,” one asks before a long pause… “Are we the bad guys?” It’s become an iconic meme in social media circles — and one that’s felt quite apt in recent months. No, it might be worth pointing out, because of some creeping Nazism in British sport. But because of the way our mask has slipped.

England withdrew from next month's tour of Pakistan amid mounting security concerns

England withdrew from next month’s tour of Pakistan amid mounting security concerns

For so long we have turned a blind eye to the problems and politics plaguing other nations.

Not so this summer. First, English fans booed their own players and then stormed Wembley. Now the ECB has turned its back on Pakistan. No skulls, but embarrassing nonetheless.

ah! Did Neville work with Partridge?

Since when? Sky Hire Alan Partridge for their ideas department?

His fingers seem to be everywhere in Gary Neville’s new (and excellent) series the overlap, featuring interviews with athletes in increasingly obscure settings.

The 50-year-old spoke to former United teammate Gary Neville on The Overlap show

The 50-year-old spoke to former United teammate Gary Neville on The Overlap show

We’ve had Dog Walks with Roy Keane, Golf with Harry Kane and, most recently, Beach Strolls with Tyson Fury.

What now? Youth hostel at Chris Eubank?