Global chip shortage hits iPad and MacBook production, the report said


Apple has not been spared the effects of the ongoing global component shortage, said one new report NikkeiThe publication says some MacBook and iPad production has slowed, with “some parts orders” shifted to the second half of 2021.

The problem with MacBooks would be related to the ability to mount certain components on printed circuit boards before mounting the device. The delayed production of the iPad is apparently due to a shortage of displays and display components. Bloomberg reported earlier this week about how the limited supply of display drivers is creating a bottleneck across the entire tech industry.

Nikkei did not specify which MacBook or iPad models would be affected, nor whether the delayed production was for existing devices or for yet to be announced updates. Apple is widely expected to launch new versions of the iPad Pro this year and continue the transition to using its own processors across the Mac line. Analyst Ming-chi Kuo said recently that a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a Mini LED display would go into mass production this month.

IPhone production is said to have been unaffected so far, although two sources describe component supply as “quite tight”. Nikkei says the shortage “remains a supply chain problem for Apple and has not yet impacted product availability.”