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Glass Onion Gets Comments From A Director On Netflix

And for his next trick… After bringing back the stellar murder mystery with knives outand the TV show about the murder of the week with Poker faceRian Johnson is ready to revive another lost art: the director’s commentary.

Netflix will release a director’s commentary for Crystal Onion: A Knives Out Mystery today, February 23, at 1 pm EST. The news was announced in the official glass onion Twitter accountalong with an attractive new graphic poster for the film.

sharing the news, Rian Johnson said, “FEEDBACK FOLLOW-UP APPROACHES! Sorry I took a minute, but I think it’s good.”

Director’s commentary tracks were a key selling point of DVD and Blu-ray movie releases during the heyday of physical media, and genre classics such as Paul Thomas Anderson’s extremely candid commentary for Boogie Nightsor david fincher hilariously dry assume girl is gone They are still spoken of fondly. But as streaming took over and budgets for physical releases slashed, and some directors (sadly) realized that sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut, the practice fell by the wayside, and a window fascinating to the filmmaking process. It has been closed.

However, Johnson is a nostalgic and very open director who loves to talk about his process, as well as being a producer with the clout to sell Netflix two $450 million murder mystery movies. If Rian Johnson wants a comment from the director, he gets it.