Glamorous women involved in Sydney’s anti-lockdown rally get hilarious protest meme

‘I need two hours to get ready’: glamorous women caught wearing active clothes and a full face during Sydney’s anti-lockdown rally are targeted by a hilarious meme

  • Sydney and Melbourne swamped by massive anti-lockdown protests on Saturday
  • Two fashionable women in the photo getting caught up in the crowd have spawned memes
  • Several attendees have been fined for violating health regulations

Two young women involved in the Sydney anti-lockdown rally this weekend are at the center of a viral meme.

The streets of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane CBD were flooded on Saturday with thousands of protesters expressing frustration at the increasingly strict restrictions.

The two women – dressed in sportswear, full makeup and carrying a takeaway coffee – were photographed alongside the crowd as Sydney’s protest got underway in Victoria Park around noon.

Glamor girls: Two young women wearing sportswear in Victoria Park (pictured) during the anti-lockdown rally in Sydney find themselves at the center of a viral meme

A meme posted on Facebook Saturday night was titled, “Let’s go protest babe starter pack.”

The meme shows the two women next to a collection of vapes, form-fitting activewear, false eyelashes, white sneakers and sunglasses.

The meme’s author also included a simulated text message suggesting how the couple’s conversation might go.

“Honey, do you want to go to that protest in the city?” the exchange begins.

‘Yes honey, let’s go! But I need two hours to get ready,” is the reply.

However, there is some mystery as to whether the fashionable couple was even at the protest or had just taken a walk and got caught up in the crowd.

The two wore no protest signs, wore face masks and dressed as if they were playing sports rather than attending a demonstration.

They were also photographed together, away from the rest of the crowd.

Under Sydney’s lockdown restrictions, training outdoors in pairs of two is fine and masks are not required in open outdoor areas.

A satirical meme posted on Facebook on Saturday night that featured a "Let's protest babe starter pack"

A satirical meme posted to Facebook Saturday night featuring a ‘Let’s go protest babe starter pack’

More than half of Australia’s population of 25 million has been forced to stay at home after an outbreak in eastern Sydney spreads to Victoria and South Australia.

The Sydney protest started around noon in Victoria Park and crowds flocked to Broadway, then marched by the thousands through the CBD to City Hall.

Once in town, the group was met by police with violent clashes that broke out between some of the group’s more unruly members and officers.

Footage emerged of bottles being thrown at mounted police officers as they tried to steer the flow of the crowd.

There was a similar scene in Melbourne on Flinders Street when protesters were greeted with police lines.

Crowds in Sydney: Tens of thousands swarmed on George Street in the CBD on Saturday for the anti-lockdown protest

Crowds in Sydney: Tens of thousands swarmed on George Street in the CBD on Saturday for the anti-lockdown protest

About 57 people have been charged and 90 fined among the more than 3,000 protesters who marched through Sydney.

A 33-year-old Surry Hills man and a 36-year-old man from Edensor Park were in court on Sunday after they allegedly hit a police horse during the protest.

The Edensor Park man was also charged with assaulting a police officer.

NSW Police said they received 5,000 tips and identified more than 200 people who attended after a special task force was set up in the wake of the protest.

In Victoria, 73 people have been fined and six arrested for attending the protest.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews described the protesters as “selfish” but was reasonably confident it wouldn’t become a super-dissemination event as the state’s 11 new cases had all been linked and isolated.