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Gladiator 2 loses Barry Keoghan


In 2018, director Radley Scott announced his desire to present a second part of the Oscar-winning epic film Gladiator, and in February 2022 it was revealed that the film’s script was finished and ready for work, and in February, it was announced that the film will be shown in cinemas on November 22, 2024. Since this time, the makers of the work began to reveal the film’s crew, which seems to have lost the services of the young actor “Barry Keoghan”, with the actress “May Al-Qalamawi” joining the crew.

As mentioned in the report Deadline The Irish actor Barry Keoghan entered negotiations to play the role of Emperor Geta, but due to a problem with the film’s schedule, Barry had to leave the project, and Fred Heckinger, the White Lotus star, is said to be in talks to take on the role.

Despite Barry’s departure, the Deadline report revealed that the actress, “May Al-Qalamawy”, the star of the Moon Knight series, is joining the cast of the film, but no information has been revealed about the role that “May” will play in Gladiator 2, but it is said that Its role is important.

Gladiator 2, which will be produced by Paramount, will be the next film directed by Ridley Scott after his upcoming historical film Napoleon, which will be shown this year, meaning that production of Gladiator 2 may start later this year or early 2024.

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