Giti Tire’s International Motorsports Racing Debut in the Middle East in 2020

Giti Tire is making its return as the exclusive tire provider and brand in the Formula 3 Asian Championship Series 2020. The F3 Asian Championship series is a high-level formula competition that mainly displays the talents of young racing leaders that come from around the globe to fight for the chance to be named as a top competitor.

Giti Tire itself isn’t new to the racing game. They’re one of the largest tire companies in the world have been in the tire industry since the 1950s. They’re headquartered in Singapore and have recently opened a tire factory within the United States.

While the company has found success internationally, this championship is their debut in the Middle East. The series has already begun as of December 13, but their Middle East debut will take place on January 10 as the series makes its way to the Dubai Autodrome. There will be another Middle East circuit the following week as the series will continue in Abu Dhabi.

Why It’s Important

Giti Tire’s debut in the Middle East marks its expansion as Giti continues to deliver performance, safety, and efficiency as their tires continue to mold to the modern world’s racing needs.

The debut will also be their chance to look toward an even brighter future as this can open up possibilities in the future to work with Formula 2 as well as Formula 1 competitions and endorsements.

In the past, Giti has received a lot of positive feedback from organizers and drivers alike. During the 2019 F3 season, the Giti GitiComplete GTR1 tires made appearances across high-profile race tracks in China, Malaysia, Japan, and Thailand. They continue to provide branding and their GTR1 tires to dozens of drivers that span from 11 different continents and countries.

The Past Reflects Success on their Future

The 2019 motorsport season was Giti’s more influential season to date.

They were able to break barriers and reach new milestones throughout the season at the VLN Endurance Racing series and 24 Hours Nürburgring. These events saw an all-female team and crew that smashed records with their accomplishments 

Giti was also able to branch out beyond its traditional motorsports sponsorships. This included being involved with truck racing as well as electric vehicles. They also plan to join Formula DRIFT racing in the United States after their three-year hiatus.

Thay’ve stated that they will continue to look toward the future as they look to embrace opportunities for racing around the globe that can enhance, community, diversity, and technological advancements to the industry. 

In Summary

Giti’s strong background in tires and their proven success in the past season combine for a bright-looking future. Their continued success and their exciting debut in the Middle East in just a couple of months means that Giti is going anywhere. You can expect them to remain as a top brand and provider for motorsports for years to come.

On top of their achievements and advancements, Giti also focused on green production and supporting the community. They’ve supported environmental efforts as well as education, proving their commitment to the community is near and dear to them.