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GitHub’s new mobile app is now available on iOS and Android

GitHub, owned by Microsoft, released it new mobile app today as a free download for iOS and Android. The popular code repository app is primarily designed to help developers manage projects while away from their PCs so they can organize tasks, provide feedback on issues, respond to comments, and pull requests assess and merge.

GitHub notifications appear in an inbox similar to many email inboxes, and you can swipe tasks to save them or mark them complete:

Image: GitHub

You can also reply to comments with emoji, which can be useful for keeping a project moving if someone relies on your feedback:

Image: GitHub

The app also lets you view code, as shown in the screenshot below from the app’s App Store page, but you can’t actually edit any code in the app:

Image: GitHub

The app was first launched in beta iOS in November and further Android in January.

Microsoft announced that the GitHub would acquire $ 7.5 billion in June 2018 and complete the acquisition in October 2018.