Gillian Anderson celebrates her 50th birthday with an impressive backless dress


While the actress has been flaunting her good looks for some time, her photo receded showed the beauty that lit the camera in its heyday.

Fans have talked about Gillian in preparation for the long-awaited movie The Spy Who Dumped Me, where she performs with Mila Kunis.

But when he celebrated his 50th birthday, his Instagram was flooded with good wishes and compliments at the kick-off launch.

In the sexy click, the star posed in front of a refrigerator filled with a black sequined dress that hugged the figure.

Thanks to the design without backup, the outfit flaunted his slim figure, while she lets her blond locks fall on your shoulders.

Feign shock With two sandwiches in hand, the baby said: "Did someone say there was cake? #tbt."

Clearly surprising their fans, the users flew to comment on the recoil, with an effusive: "That's a setback! You have not aged a little!"

While another added: "Go dressed! By the way, you're not getting old, just better."


BIRTHDAY BEAUTY: Gillian Anderson still looks as fabulous as ever at 50!

Another stunned user wrote: "You become more beautiful as time goes by."

Gillian reached 30K I like in three hours, with her followers of Instagram of 316k clearly in full force.

The actress A-list is best known for her role in The X-Files, fans shared her commitment to celebrate her birthday by returning to watch the series, with a user who wrote: "I'm watching The X-Files in honor of You , today."

Working in the industry for almost thirty years, Gillian got her biggest role in The X Files when she was 24 years old.


THE X-FILES: The star found fame in The X-Files at age 24


NEW PUBLICATION: Gillian's last role is played with Mila Kunis

Staying in the series for the entire nine seasons and two related films, the star then went on to write and direct an episode of the series.

From her role as an actress, she has found herself very involved with charity work and activism, including animal rights and women's rights.

Most recently, he has appeared in The Spy Who Dumped Me, which will hit theaters in the UK on August 22.