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Getting to Know More about AA Meetings in West Virginia and How They Help

When you decide to attend any of the AA Meetings in West Virginia, it is obviously a serious beginning toward de-addiction. Your approach should be to essentially seek help and guidance and admit to yourself that you have been treading the wrong path. 

The venue of the meetings could either be the premises of a rehabilitation center, a community center or even a church since these meetings have a religious element wherein you are required to bow down to God Almighty and own up your mistake. In case you are not inclined toward religion and want a different method to motivate yourself, you could always inquire about meetings adopting other approaches. 

What to expect on your first day at the meeting? 

The first time when you attend an AA Meeting in West Virginia, you will notice the importance being accorded to newcomers. The person coordinating the meeting would make it a point to ask if there are any newcomers among the attendees. The arrival of newcomers is critical for sustaining the meetings.  

Depending on the theme of the West Virginia AA meeting you are attending in West Virginia, the coordinator would ask a few questions to initiate the proceedings. If it is a meeting that is focused on the 12 steps of AA, s/he would take up the step that was planned for discussion on a given day. At some stage s/he may ask any one or two existing members to share their experiences. 

Every meeting has something valuable to offer 

The AA meetings have developed throughout the years to incorporate an extremely enormous number of points that are straightforwardly identified with the issues looked by heavy drinkers. For instance, the coordinator could pick up a topic randomly and ask one of the more experienced attendees to elaborate on it. 

On other occasions it could be to encourage attendees who are not actively taking part in the meetings. If you are not able to connect to the theme of the meeting feel free to ask about local AA meetings where they cover topics or conduct workshops that are more suitable to what you are looking for. 

Get the advantage of unparalleled peer support 

One of the key benefits of attending such meetings is the support and encouragement you will receive from other members who have benefited. It is always preferable to check out a few meetings in different venues close to where you are located to know which one is ideal for you. Check out the AA Meeting Locator website to know about these meetings. 

It is important to remember that when you got addicted, you weren’t alone as there were peers who persuaded and encouraged you to go for that extra drink. When you became addicted, most of those folks were not around to buy you the extra drink you needed so badly. You could say that they did you a favor but that isn’t the kind of ‘friendship’ you would want ever again. Here at the AA meetings, your peers not just do you a favor but actually help you in the true sense of the term, so that you can find your way out of addiction. 

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