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Getting mate’s rates? Think beyond booze as a thank-you


So why is it normalized here that booze is the only option? Other cultures can inspire us to expand our choices. Imagine making someone a home cooked meal that they can share with family and friends. Or serving locally produced products such as jams or artisanal chocolates.


If you want to offer someone a drink, why not give them the non-alcoholic version as a gift? Gone are the days when bottled water and soda were the only non-alcoholic options on the menu. The non-alcoholic industry is booming, and many brands are participating. Go for an alcohol-free wine; a citrusy, spicy spirit like a non-alcoholic gin; a fresh, malty beer or a refreshing cider without the naughty hangover.

Another great way to thank someone for a message is to offer help in return. Why not give someone a gift card for groceries, gas, or food? My partner recently received an Uber Eats voucher as a token of appreciation. It was practical and useful while still allowing us to have fun.

In the end, I gave my electrician relative a grocery coupon, which he really appreciated.

You can also thank with an experience. It could be a ticket to a movie or an AFL game, or a restaurant voucher. It could be a Pilates session or an afternoon music lesson, all of which I received as a gift. If paying for a memorable experience fits your scale of appreciation, what a great way to nurture your relationships with others. It allows people to try something new or show them that you value their interests.


Then there is food. Oh yeah. Food, great food. How can it go wrong? I found that the candied nuts and chocolate-orange buttons in gift baskets inspired more delight than the bottles of wine. Small, edible treats are a nice way to say thank you.

Finally, the old-fashioned “take someone out to dinner or coffee” gift. This allows you to talk to the person and not only give someone a product, but also your time, which is valuable in this fast-paced world.

What a miracle, time. We could all use a little more time in our lives. Especially when choosing a worthy gift.

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