Get migrants to regions over & # 39; right incentives & # 39 ;: David Coleman

David Coleman, the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, says the government is looking at its regional migration options.

Immigration Minister David Coleman says he is looking "very closely" at what he can do to get more migrants to move to regional Australia, including incentives and simplification of the visa process.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said last week plans to curb the entry of some temporary immigrants and encourage newcomers to settle outside of the congested major cities.

Coleman says giving immigrants good reasons to move to regional areas and ensuring they continue to live where they said they would be is key.

"I do not want to go into details about particular visas and so on … but what I would say is that it's about creating the right structure," he told Sky News on Sunday.

"So, the right incentives, the right reasons for immigrants to choose those regional areas."

"It's also about ensuring that this is done, obviously, if people get a visa that has to be located in a regional area, then compliance must be present for that to happen."

It could also help make the process easier for people to migrate to a regional area, Coleman said.

"One of the most important things we can do is make the arrangements for the regional visas as simple as possible."

Coleman said he is "not as focused" on the total number of immigrants arriving to meet the nation's regional and economic needs.

The minister says there are several regions, including South Australia, Goldfields in Western Australia and Victoria & # 39; s Warrnambool who have asked for more immigrants.

"We know there are unmet needs in those regional areas and I'm looking very closely at what we can do to meet them."

About 87 percent of skilled migrants move to Melbourne or Sydney.