German doctor who killed his married lover is ordered to pay compensation to cover medical costs

A top German doctor jailed for killing his married lover by sprinkling cocaine on his penis before having oral sex with him has been ordered to pay £11,500 to cover the costs of medics’ doomed bid to kill it. save the victim’s life.

Surgeon Dr. Andreas David Niederbichler, 46, was sentenced to nine years in prison in 2019 for aggravated rape and bodily harm resulting in death after his lover, identified as Yvonne M., 38, overdosed on cocaine that he had applied to his genitals. applied .

At his trial, Niederbichler had claimed that Yvonne, who died of shortness of breath and collapse, knew he had put cocaine on his penis before she had oral sex.

But a German court rejected those claims and now a judge in Magdeburg, Germany, has ruled that Niederbichler must pay £11,500 (13,280 euros) to medical insurers IKK Gesund Plus, who paid for Yvonne’s medical treatment before she died.

Niederbichler had previously refused to pay Yvonne’s family £25,000, with £9,000 each going to the deceased woman’s husband and son, and another £7,000 to her family to cover funeral expenses.

Yvonne M, 38 (left), died of an accidental overdose after her lover Andreas Niederbichler (right) smeared cocaine on his penis without telling her

Yvonne was not the only victim of Niederbichler. The former chief physician of the Halberstadt clinic in Saxony-Anhalt drugged and sexually assaulted three other women between September 2015 and February 2018.

According to the investigation, he also secretly put cocaine in their champagne glasses, their lipstick and their toothpaste.

The surgeon was charged in February 2018 when Yvonne M. died of an overdose after smearing cocaine on his genitals during sex.

Niederbichler was sentenced in 2019 to nine years in prison and subsequent preventive detention. He is currently on medication.

Yvonne’s widowed husband and son sued the surgeon when he refused to pay financial compensation and also refused to cover funeral expenses.

The higher regional court agreed with the family last year and the man dubbed the German Christian Gray for his perverted sexual fantasies has been ordered to pay the funeral costs.

Judge Steffi Ewald said: ‘The defendant has been ordered to pay funeral expenses of £7,337, as well as survivor benefits to the deceased’s husband and son of £8,581 each.’

Surgeon Dr. Andreas David Niederbichler, 46, sentenced to nine years in prison for aggravated rape and bodily harm resulting in death

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Niederbichler remained silent during his trial, but faced with the new wrongful death lawsuit from Yvonne’s widower and son, he decided to break his silence to deny that he was responsible for her death.

He also denied drugging three other women after the court was told he had re-laced his penis with cocaine during oral, vaginal and anal sex with the three women between 2015 and 2018.

Speaking with German newspaper picture last month he said, ‘Yes, there were drugs. But I didn’t drug any of the women without her knowledge.

‘I was looking for a special kick and they joined in.’

Niederbichler also described Yvonne as an “experienced” cocaine user, who knew what she was getting into.

Speaking of his original criminal trial, he said it was a “mistake” to remain silent — a move he took on the advice of his lawyers — because it meant the judge only heard the women’s account of the events.

He told Bild he wanted to prove he was not criminally guilty of causing Yvonne’s death.

The appeals court has already dropped the case and Niederbichler has not presented any new evidence that would force it to reconsider the case.

Niederbichler (pictured in the middle during his trial) tries to prove that he is not criminally responsible for Yvonne’s death, but his case has already been dismissed on appeal

Before going to prison, Niederbichler had worked as the top plastic surgeon at Ameos Hospital in the town of Halberstadt, 100 kilometers outside of Hanover.

The court heard that Yvonne had been a patient of his before the couple began an affair, which ultimately led to her death in February 2018.

Niederbichler also used the internet to meet other women for sex, judges were told at his trial.

Three other women who had sex with the doctor said they felt lightheaded after meeting him, while one was involved in two car accidents after a date.

Another reported fainting and twitching.

Niederbichler was eventually found guilty of aggravated rape and bodily harm resulting in death and sentenced to nine years in prison.

He appealed the verdict, but it was rejected.


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