George Pell to fight his child abuse convictions in the Supreme Court

George Pell & # 39; s last closed for freedom: Cardinal to appeal in convictions for sexual abuse of his child after two cases of loss in Victorian courts


George Pell is said to bring his case of child sexual abuse to the Supreme Court in a final attempt to overturn his convictions.

Pell rejected his appeal last week after being sentenced to a minimum of three years and eight months in prison.

In December, he was convicted of harassing two choir boys at St. Patrick's Cathedral in 1996, when he was the newly installed Melbourne Archbishop.

The 78-year-old, who is the oldest Catholic representative found guilty of sexual abuse of children, failed to cancel his conviction in the Court of Appeal on Wednesday.


But his lawyer Bret Walker, SC, believes that Pell may have a case to appeal to the Victorian Supreme Court.

The case against Pell was based on the testimony and evidence of one & # 39; choirboy & # 39 ;, also known as & # 39; Witness J & # 39; or just & # 39; A & # 39 ;.

The other victim died in 2014 without filing a complaint against Pell. A reported the historical abuse to the police in June 2015.

Justice Weinberg questioned the reliability and credibility of this victim and suggested that there was a & # 39; significant amount of convincing evidence that raised serious doubts about the complainant's bill & # 39 ;.

His recommendation was that Pell be acquitted of all costs.

More to come.


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