George Floyd’s family “back Harry and Meghan

After the outrage caused by Harry and Meghan’s Netflix show, a family member of George Floyd spoke out in support.

The royal couple have intensified their dispute with the royals in their latest series scathing remarks. These have caused confusion in the UK and led people to call for the removal of their titles.

However, in their adopted country of the USA, the Sussexes are praised for speaking out on issues related to race and prejudice.

Floyd’s unnamed family member told Noel Phillips, a US correspondent, that they would gladly accept them if Britain didn’t want them.

After their Netflix show’s bombshell premiere sparked outrage in Britain, a George Floyd family member has spoken out in support Harry and Meghan.

Many activists have praised Meghan’s attacks against Britain, in which she criticized the country’s “unconscious bias” in her new series. 

Floyd was shot to death in 2020 by a police officer for knelt against his neck. This sparked global protests over racial injustice.

The Duchess addressed graduating students at Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles a few weeks after the murder. She also listed other African Americans who had been killed in the US by the police in recent years.

The actress was a former student of the school from 11 to 18 years old. She said that George Floyd’s and Breonna Taylor’s lives mattered, Philando Castile’s lives mattered, and Tamir Rice’s lives mattered.

Meghan Has Regularly Spoken Out About Floyd Who Was Killed By A Police Officer Who Knelt On His Neck In 2020

Meghan has spoken out frequently about Floyd’s death by a police officer who knelt down on his neck in 2020

She spoke out about Mr Floyd and said that she wasn’t sure what she could say. I wanted it to be the right thing, but I was nervous about how it would be taken apart. The only thing that is wrong is to not say anything.

The Duchess also spoke out about how students would have empathy for people who don’t see things the same way as you. 

Later that year, Meghan spoke out saying Floyd’s death “invoked centuries worth of unhealed wounds”.

She According to the NAACP Awards, “For Black America, those nine seconds and 29 seconds transcended all time, invoking centuries for our unhealed wounds. 

“In the months that followed, my husband and me spoke with the civil right community. We committed ourselves and Archewell to illuminating others who are working for racial justice.

The new series Meghan and Harry’s has been met with both praise and anger. However, it is resonating better with Americans, Phillips, a US correspondent, said today. 

According to the British reporter, there have been mixed reviews about the book so far. However, the overwhelming feeling is that the couple is winning the PR brand management strategy.

Americans Are Lauding Harry And Meghan After Their Bombshell Netflix Special Released, Hailing The 'Fairytale' Couple

After the Netflix special that featured Harry and Meghan, Americans are praising them. They were hailed as the “fairytale” couple.

‘Harry and Meghan are not just rewriting the royal narrative that we all know of their lives so far, but they are creating this brand new American fairytale and it seems to be resonating with a lot of people.

“I spoke to one woman earlier this day who said she was in tears after watching the series. They are just a couple of goals,” she continued.

“Another man stated, “I was expecting a lot drama and for tea be spilled.” I take he’s referring specifically to bullying and racism.

‘He I then asked me “Is your country really so prejudiced and outdated when you come to race?” 

Noel Phillips, Speaking To Good Morning Britain, Said There Have Been 'Mixed Reviews' In The Royal Couple'S New Home Country

Noel Phillips spoke to Good Morning Britain to say that there have been mixed reviews about the royal couple’s new country.

The public mood mirrors the media reaction in the US. Meanwhile, on the other side the couple were criticized for speaking out against their family. 

Thursday morning’s telecast featured the first three episodes of the six-part series.

Gayle King, Meghan’s morning show host on CBS, said it was a good thing the couple were ‘finally allowed to have their say’ – despite previously telling their story to Oprah and recounting it in episodes of a Spotify Podcast. 

CBS foreign correspondent Holly Williams gushed that it was a ‘beautifully produced’ series that shows the inner workings of a couple in love and ‘victimized’ by the press. 

Meghan'S Friend Gayle King Said It Was A 'Good Thing' The Couple Was Allowed To Tell 'Their Story' And Claimed: 'People Will Have A Different Perspective When They Hear What They Have To Say'

Gayle King, Meghan’s friend, stated that it was a good thing’ that the couple were allowed tell ‘their stories’ and claimed: ‘People will have a new perspective when they hear their thoughts.

Cbs Foreign Correspondent Holly Williams Gushed That It Was A 'Beautifully Produced' Series That Shows The Inner Workings Of A Couple In Love And 'Victimized' By The Press

Holly Williams, CBS foreign correspondent, gushed about the series as a “beautifully produced” series that showed the inner workings a couple who are in love and were ‘victimized by the media

Abc Reporter Lama Hasan Launched Her Report With A Generous Description Of The Series: 'This Gives Unprecedented Access To Harry Nd Meghan,  Packed With Their Personal Photos. They Want To Tell Their Version Of The Story... All Of These Interviews Were Carried Out Before The Queen'S Death,' She Said

ABC reporter Lama Hasan launched her report with a generous description of the series: ‘This gives unprecedented access to Harry nd Meghan,  packed with their personal photos. They want to tell their story… all of these interviews were conducted before the Queen’s passing,’ she stated. 

‘A beautifully produced vision of family victimized and pursued by the media. Some will say it’s a high end reality show, but it’s also a searing critique of the UK tabloid media and the relationship with the royal family,’ she said. 

She Also, Harry and Meghan claimed that their sensational racism claims against the royal family were bolstered by the fact far-right extremists had threatened Meghan. 

Gayle stated back in the studio that Harry and Meghan were being allowed share their story in their words’. 

“People can hear what they are dealing with in their own words. Listening to what people have to say will give people a new perspective. 

‘Now they get to have their say. She stated that it was a positive thing. 

Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kutb, along the royal correspondents, were more balanced on NBC. 

Keir Simmons pointed out that the royals claimed that no one was contacted to comment on their comments, despite Netflix claiming they did not want to.

Katie Nichol, Katie Nichol’s correspondent, also noted that Harry and Meghan had been well compensated. 

Savannah said at the beginning of the segment, “You watched it so that we don’t have too,” 

Online, NBC News Although the growing rift is being called an “epic quarrel”, the show offers little new information about the couple or the controversies that have surrounded them.  

Nbc'S Today Show Hosts Refrained From Heaping Praise Or Criticism On The Couple But Savannah Guthrie Expressed Her Gratitude At Royal Correspondents Watching The Series So 'We Don'T Have To'

While Today on NBC didn’t heap praise or criticism on the couple, Savannah Guthrie expressed gratitude for royal correspondents who were able to watch the series, saying that ‘we don’t need to’

The Washington Post Said The Series As 'Likely To Anger' British Royals

The Washington Post referred to the series as “likely angering” British royals. 

Online, Nbc Referred To The 'Clash' Between The Royal Family And Harry And Meghan And Described The Affair As An 'Epic Squabble'

Online, NBC referred the ‘clash’ between the royal family & Harry and Meghan and called the affair an ‘epic squabble. 

Cnn Highlighted How The Duke And Duchess Took Aim At The 'Unconscious Bias' Inside The Royal Family

CNN highlighted how the Duke of Edinburgh and Duchess took aim the ‘unconscious biases’ within the royal family

1670597854 465 George Floyds Family Back Harry And Meghan

The New York Times Seized On Meghan'S Complaints About Racism And Lax Security In Toronto Before She And Harry Were Even Engaged

The New York Times took Meghan’s complaints about racism in Toronto and lax security before she and Harry got engaged 

CNN Highlighted how the Duke of Cambridge and Duchess took aim the ‘unconscious biases’ within the royal family, as well as how they fiercely defended the decision to quit in the explosive “Megxit” row. 

The Washington Post stated that the streaming series is likely to anger British royals, and described it as an attempt to seize control over the narrative about their rift. 

Robert Jobson, correspondent for ABC’s Good Morning America, unleashed his thoughts on the pair. 

‘I found it quite difficult to watch in places because I think Harry didn’t know what day of the week it was. 

“Meghan looked really lost and I’m not certain that they will look back at it and say it was one their best hours.” 

Next Thursday, the second installment of this docuseries will be on air. 

The royals have not yet revealed any new information on the couple. 

It has been compared with a reality-TV, Kardashians-style look at the lives of a couple who in the past complained about not having enough privacy.

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