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Gender reveal party prank sees cops arrest the father-to-be


Wild scenes erupt at a gender reveal party when police arrest the father in front of shocked guests – with a surprising twist

  • An expectant father pranks at his gender reveal party
  • The police shut down the event and “arrest” him in front of guests
  • One of the officers then reveals the sex of his child

Guests at a gender reveal party were stunned when police burst in and arrested the woman father-to-be, before the tense situation was revealed as a wild joke.

TikToker, Mina Ibrahim, recorded the elaborate prank at his home in Sydney, where he announced that his unborn child was going to be a girl.

“You mustn’t come into our house,” he yelled at the men in convincing NSW police uniforms.

Mr. Ibrahim then urges his guests to ‘get out your phone’ and record the exchange.

Dad-to-be, Mina Ibrahim, recorded a joke at his gender reveal party at his Sydney home, where police officers shut down the event

He tells the officers they “can’t just walk into our house” and warns them to “go outside” as he walks over to them.

Mr. Ibrahim shoves one of the cops before they both turn him around and dramatically arrest him.

The TikTok user is held against the screen door of his home as police restrain him.

A few concerned guests close in to intervene before one of the officers reveals the gender of his child.

“Congratulations, it’s a girl!” he says to the crowd.

The guests are heard cheering as both officers embrace Mr. Ibrahim and his partner.

“So it was the officers who announced to everyone that I was having a baby girl,” Mr. Ibrahim explained at the end of the clip.

“And it had a fake balloon in it that everyone thought the revelation came from.”

Two officers dramatically arrest Mr. Ibrahim in front of shocked guests before one of them turns around and reveals the sex of his baby

Two cops dramatically arrest Mr Ibrahim in front of shocked guests before one cop revealed the sex of his child

Mr. Ibrahim uploaded the prank, where a number of viewers expressed surprise at the stunt and congratulated him.

Congratulations Mina and family. Totally shocked at the idea of ​​revealing,” one wrote.

Another said, “I fell for it and I was worried about your wife!!!” I was shocked hahahah you got me.’

A third added: “That was insane, what a baby reveals.”

An observant TikTok user said they knew something was off since both officers were unarmed.

“The whole time I thought something was wrong!… he’s not carrying his gun,” the user commented.

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