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Gen Zers trade turkeys for PIZZA as prices for Thanksgiving dinners skyrocket

Gen Zers trade turkeys for PIZZA as prices for Thanksgiving dinners skyrocket

Many Gen Zers are opting to eat pizza instead of turkey this Thanksgiving, as prices for holiday staples have skyrocketed due to inflation, while other Americans report being unable to cover the cost of dinner at all.

New polls reflected the changes Americans should make this year as they head home for the holidays to watch football and eat with their families.

One in five Americans said they were worried they wouldn’t be able to cover the cost of Thanksgiving dinner this year, while a whopping 88% of respondents said they would cut at least one dish from dinner.

About 33% of those who celebrate “friendsgiving,” a popular riff on the holiday where young people usually dine with their friends, will serve pizza with an expensive turkey this year.

Only 24% said they would serve turkey, highlighting the often-overlooked prices associated with the holiday.

The cost of groceries increased by 12.4% in October, according to the most recent Consumer Price Index

Americans are ready to spend $64.05 on a Thanksgiving meal for 10 people — 20 percent more than last year as prices of nearly all foods have risen

The week of celebrations kicked off this year when President Biden pardoned two turkeys at the White House on Monday

The stress around putting a feast on the table is concentrated among Gen Z, according to a Personal Capital survey, which found that 54% of Gen Z respondents and 51% of Millennial respondents are stressed about covering Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving. cost.

Older respondents seemed less concerned about costs — only 33% of Gen Xers said they would be stressed about meal prep, while 39% of Baby Boomers said they were.

According to the most recent consumer price index, the cost of groceries rose 12.4% in October, forcing Americans to look to cheaper alternatives.

In 2021, Americans paid an average of $53.31 for the holiday dinner, but now the meal, including all fixings, costs up to $64.05, according to the latest survey from the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF).

The increase comes as the price of stuffing, sweet potatoes, vegetables, pumpkin pies and nearly all the usual Thanksgiving treats skyrocket, while inflation remains stubbornly high at 7.7 percent.

However, the biggest increase in cost comes from the must-have turkey, with the centerpiece now fetching about $28.96, or $1.81 per pound.

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While 51% said they would keep the same group size, 34% said they would invite fewer people this year. Nearly half of Gen Zers said they would hold a smaller gathering this year.

There was also a difference in plans based on whether respondents had lost their job in the past year.

Those who lost their jobs are 17% more likely to have a friend’s party than a Thanksgiving meal.

The week of celebrations kicked off this year when President Biden pardoned two turkeys at the White House on Monday with a pun-filled speech promising there had been no “hen play.”

“It’s a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition here at the White House. There’s a lot to say about it, but it’s chilly outside, so I’m going to keep it short,” he said to enthusiastic applause despite the 40-degree weather.

The biggest increase in cost this year comes from the must-have turkey, with the centerpiece now fetching about $28.96, or $1.81 per pound

It is by far the most expensive Thanksgiving meal since the American Farm Bureau Federation launched its annual survey

A precipitation forecast for Thanksgiving Day shows a storm system extending from Houston to Detroit

But many Americans could face hardships even trying to get to Thanksgiving dinner as a major storm system takes shape across the country.

Forecasters say a storm system moving into the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday may connect with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday, resulting in widespread storms in the South and Midwest on Thanksgiving Day.

Nearly 55 million people will travel 50 miles or more from home for Thanksgiving, making it the third-busiest year on record and approaching the travel volume of before the pandemic hit, AAA said.

Experts expect severe traffic congestion around major cities, with traffic delays up to double normal, with highways around Atlanta, Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles most affected.

Another 4.5 million Americans plan to travel by air, reaching 98 percent of pre-pandemic levels, even though airline schedules are still being cut by about 20 percent, AAA says.

Anticipate long TSA lines. If possible, avoid checking in a bag to allow more flexibility if flights are delayed or you need to reschedule,” cautioned Mary Maguire, Vice President of Public and Government Affairs at AAA Northeast.

AAA says an additional 1.43 million Americans plan to use other modes of travel, such as buses and trains, a significant 23 percent increase from last year.

‘Regardless of the means of transport you have chosen, take into account crowds during your journey and at your destination. If your schedule is flexible, consider off-peak hours during the holiday rush,” Maguire said.


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